Top Countries with the Best Food Options

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While a country may have a lot of food brands, they aren’t always tasty. Who, then, does cuisine best across the globe?

Here are some of the best countries and their top items. It may inspire you to take a culinary tour of nearby restaurants.

Italy | Neapolitan Pizza

Sure, America stays divided on pizza style, but Italian Neapolitan is where it’s at. More sauce, less crust, and cooked to perfection in a stone oven.

After trying one of these pies, you won’t call your fast-food chain again. Although, trying to recreate this style at home is tricky.

France | Everything Baked

If there’s one cuisine the French have perfected, it’s baked goods. While other countries have great bakery items, they miss that je ne sais quoi.

In addition to different breads, you can find dozens of classic pastries available also. Just remember, it’s copious amounts of butter that make their food great.

Spain | Seafood Paella

Although you can make Paella a few different ways, traditionally, it includes fish. As a country on several distinct seas, you won’t find cleaner seafood.

Spain also makes plenty of meals made from beef and other proteins. Even picky eaters can’t resist these flavors.

USA | Beef

Although mostly fast food, America has beef-based meals down to an art. Many people consider our hamburgers and steaks superior to other nations.

While the UK also has surprisingly good burgers, they prefer ours. There’s no beating America’s meat.

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