Best Summer Activities in Chicago for Travelers

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One of the most aggravating parts of visiting a city is finding activities. Here are some squeaky-clean family fun ideas for your next road trip. My college buddy over at Done Just Right, Inc. gave me these recommendations when visiting the Chicago area.

Enjoy a Free Tour

The only thing better than seeing a city like a local is with one. Make it free of charge, and what’s not to love?

Volunteer Greeters assist visitors in making the most of their visit. Take one of their tours or guide yourself through many neighborhoods.

The Chicago Park District

Those who can’t make a decision may want to let someone else try. With more than 500 unique parks to visit, there’s plenty to explore.

Younger children can find plenty of playgrounds, and adults will love the many historical sites. Whatever your interests, the Windy City has something for everyone to enjoy.

Chicago Riverwalk

Wineries, Breweries, Restaurants, and More

The Chicago Riverwalk has food and beverages available for every flavor. And who doesn’t love a fresh local beer on a summer patio?

You can also work off lunch with kayak rentals and walking throughout the district. Find cafes, restaurants, and live entertainment along the Chicago River.

Chicago River and Lake Michigan Boat Cruises

Sometimes, changing your perspective becomes the only path to seeing everything. What better way to the city than from a boat?

You can enjoy river and lake cruises along the Chicago River and Lake Michigan, respectively. They even offer dining inside or on top of their boats for memorable sunset meals.

Check out this great video of Chicago

Best Airport Hotels Based on Cleanliness

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It’s never been more important to find a clean hotel room. However, in a hectic international airport, you don’t always feel sanitary.

Below are our top picks for airport hotels that leave you feeling fresh. Keep them in mind the next time you plan a vacation.

Grand Hyatt at SFO

One reason why this is a clean choice is it’s a newer hotel. It joined San Francisco International Airport reasonably recently.

In addition to spacious rooms, there are tons of amenities to enjoy. Check out the huge fitness center and onsite dining.

Westin Denver International Airport

If not for the rooms, then stay here for the unique architecture and surrounding views. The Westin Denver International Airport features striking artistic designs and modern amenities.

This facility is the only hotel connected to the Jeppesen Terminal, keeping it busy. Make sure to book it early to ensure you get a room.

Grand Hyatt DFW

Located in Terminal D, the Gandy Hyatt DFW is a great choice. Staying here feels clean, safe, and offers many options.

In addition to usual offerings, enjoy a health spa, golfing, swimming pool, and dining. Best of all, it’s close to many area attractions nearby.

Crowne Plaza Seattle Airport

A top priority for IHG is enhanced cleaning efforts. That’s why the Crowne Plaza Seattle Airport is among our favorites. There is also a restaurant, bar, outdoor pool, and dedicated quiet space. Shake off a hectic day of travel in this relaxing hotel.

Top Countries with the Best Food Options

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While a country may have a lot of food brands, they aren’t always tasty. Who, then, does cuisine best across the globe?

Here are some of the best countries and their top items. It may inspire you to take a culinary tour of nearby restaurants.

Italy | Neapolitan Pizza

Sure, America stays divided on pizza style, but Italian Neapolitan is where it’s at. More sauce, less crust, and cooked to perfection in a stone oven.

After trying one of these pies, you won’t call your fast-food chain again. Although, trying to recreate this style at home is tricky.

France | Everything Baked

If there’s one cuisine the French have perfected, it’s baked goods. While other countries have great bakery items, they miss that je ne sais quoi.

In addition to different breads, you can find dozens of classic pastries available also. Just remember, it’s copious amounts of butter that make their food great.

Spain | Seafood Paella

Although you can make Paella a few different ways, traditionally, it includes fish. As a country on several distinct seas, you won’t find cleaner seafood.

Spain also makes plenty of meals made from beef and other proteins. Even picky eaters can’t resist these flavors.

USA | Beef

Although mostly fast food, America has beef-based meals down to an art. Many people consider our hamburgers and steaks superior to other nations.

While the UK also has surprisingly good burgers, they prefer ours. There’s no beating America’s meat.

Check out the best pizza in Italy here

The Ultimate Packing List For Every Trip

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Have you ever checked in your hotel, and started unpacking only to find out you left something? It’s even worse when you discover you didn’t pack the things that you needed the most. And even more frustrating if you can’t find a place to buy whatever you forgot. 

If you have ever been at that place, you know how it’s frustrating. And if you’ve never found yourself here, never wish to get there. 

To avoid such instance, here are top things that should be at the top of your packing—no matter where you intend to travel to. 

  1. Clothes Suitable For Your Destination Weather

Here you need some knowledge about where you intend to visit. Suppose you’re going to a warm area pack some summer clothes. If the weather is cold there, then you’ll need heavy clothes. 

Use the internet to research the weather of wherever you’re going to. 

Most importantly, pack enough clothes for the time you’ll stay at your destination. 

  1. Your Medication 

If you’re under medication, never leave your medicine back. You don’t want to visit your dream destination only to risk your life. 

It’s even more important to consult with your doctor and check if you would need more medication. Tell your doctor how long you intend to spend at the place where you will be going to. 

Pack every medicine prescribed by your doctor. Ensure it’s enough to last you for the days you’ll be on your vacation. 

  1. First Aid Kit

I put this as a different item because it matters a lot. Unless you’re under medication, most people forget about the medical emergency kit. But all need it. 

You need to pack an emergency kit that would give you first aid whenever you need it. 

Ensure that in your First Aid Kit, you have all the first aid requirements: pack pain relievers, bandages, muscle relaxants, and anything you might need. 

Consult your doctor so that you can fill the first aid kit with everything that you could need. 

  1. Comfortable Walking Shoes

When you get to your destination, it’s obvious you’ll have to walk at some point. You won’t get in the vehicle the entire time. And that’s why you’ll need comfortable walking shoes. 

Also, pack some sandals that you can walk around with when you’re at your hotel. 

  1. A Good Camera

It’s your time to live the moment. As you create the memories, capture them clearly in the picture. Have a camera with a good resolution.

And after taking pictures back them in the cloud. You can save them in Google Pictures or any other cloud backup system. This will help you access them just in case your camera gets lost. 

Parting Shot

These are not the only things that you need. Depending on your destination, there are other specific things that you’ll require. Find out whatever is necessary to your destination and pack them. 

If you don’t want to forget anything, have a clear packing list. Please write it down before packing. And start packing when you’re sure whatever is in the packing list is what you’d require for your travel.